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Music Equipment


Location recording of theatre performances, live bands, choirs, voiceovers etc. 16 or 32 digital tracks with offsite mix down.

Digital desks with both VST and analogue outboard processing.

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Upto 32 channels of body pack radio microphones, including 16 channels of digital and 4 channels of UHF

which are licence free in the UK, with an additional 12 channels of licensed frequency equipment available 

if the event requires it. All equipment racked and ready with XLR snakes attached.

We can provide 4 wireless handhelds, plus an additional 9 x Shure SM58 industry standard wired microphones.

Boundary and shotgun microphones can be supplied also, including 2 x overheard pencil condenser

mics, which can be suspended from above.

Wireless microphone body packs are supplied with beige elasticated belts and dual over-ear, single earhook or lavalier.

Sound Mixing

Sound Mixing

We have 16 and 32 channel desks, each of either Behringer digital, or Soundcraft analogue. 16 channel 30ft multicore snake with stage box to carry audio in both directions from the FOH to the stage.

8 channel and 32 channel digital snakes for the digital equipment to carry audio over ethercon.

Digital desks are configured with MIDI to trigger sound effects and lighting cues by software.


We can provide powered and passive systems with varying power requirements depending on the size and acoustic properties of the venue. 18" sub bass and 10 or 8" satellite speakers on stands can be powered by our 2.5 kilowatt amplification rack.

Upto 6 additional monitor speakers for orchestra pit or live band performance scenarios are available along with wired or wireless links to existing installations within the venue.

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